Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SAG Fashion

I LOVE awards season! Mostly for the fashion of course. :o)
I don't really believe in criticizing people's choices just to be mean. Granted, some celebrities need a little "coaching" in order to make better decisions in the future. That being said, I try not to say anything bad unless it is completely necessary. I mean, I'm sure celebrities will consider my opinion as much as the next blogger's. Which means they'll be making bad choices...well, forever. :o)
Before I choose my favorites, let me preface by saying I don't care for "basic" or "simple" award season dresses. I mean this is HOLLYWOOD. Live a little!!
Please don't get me wrong...the perfect little black dress is my best friend. But I don't have Georgina Chapman knocking on my door begging me to wear her one of a kind Marchesa dress!
So without further adieu...
Let's talk about making a statement. This girl knows what she's doing! I love Mila Kunis' choice of a bold print, the long and simple (but gorgeous) hair and dark eye with a neutral lip. Everything just works. LOVE!

I love this look! Dianna Agron chose a fabulous navy, ankle length dress and wore it like she was born in it. I LOVE the color, the dramatic makeup and the simpe shoes. She let the dress speak for itself and she looked fabulous.

I know this may not be other people's favorite. But there are maybe a handful of women in the world who can wear this color and Jayma Mays is obviously one of them! Everything about this look says "fun glamour." I love the cut of the dress, the shoes, and her glamorous hair and makeup. Perfection.

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