Monday, August 16, 2010

Hell has frozen over

I feel like it's my patriotic/wordly duty to inform ya'll that hell has officially frozen over. Why? Because as shocked as I am to announce it, I am thrilled to say (I hope you're sitting down)...I GOT A JOB!!!
After a very, very long 7 months, I finally found what I think is an amazing opportunity at an amazing company. After almost a month of interviews, Tuesday Morning has offered me a job in their Allocation Department. My official title is "Allocation Analyst."
I have to be honest of my intentions here much as I have missed you friends, this post is much more for me than anything else. (But to be fair, that's only because I want to write down exactly how relieved and happy I am today so I can remind myself of this alleviated feeling when I come home from my new job stressed out wishing I could lay in bed all day.)
I told my friend Ashley, my mom and my sister that this is the first week I can really and truly enjoy having my time off. And don't you worry your pretty little heads...I have a full week planned. :o) The mall and I have a date tomorrow, the sun and I have a date on Wednesday and I'm sure happy hour will see my smiling face at least once this week. :o)
I'm excited and relieved to get back into a routine, I'm excited I'll be earning a paycheck again and I'm very, very excited that in a few short days, I can finally complain about the stresses of having a job. :o) Ah, the luxury!!!!

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