Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Joys of Traveling...

I have come to a conclusion. Are ya'll ready for this? Traveling can make you NUTS. Listen, when you decide to travel during the holidays, you risk losing any bit of sanity you may have. Honestly, the best thing to do is just be prepared...for anything! And of course, always know where the closest bar is. :o)
Ha obviously, much easier said than done. Traveling can either be great or it can be your worst nightmare. And due to the terrorism threat over the holidays, I was prepared for a nightmare. (Listen, it's NEVER good when you're advised to be at the airport 4 HOURS before your flight. I don't care what anyone says.) But since it took me 45 minutes just to check in, I could see why we had to be there so early! (That had nothing to do with the terrorism threat...there just weren't enough ticket agents...ANNOYING!!) But I was pleasantly surprised when that was the worst part of my trip. Instead of one security checkpoint, there were three (including a bag search.) And ya'll, they even frisked my dog. Really. Honestly though, I have NEVER met nicer security agents. The whole process was efficient and almost painless. So THANK YOU to Toronto Pearson Airport! Ya'll made the best of a bad situation so for that, I thank you.
After I got through all the checkpoints, I got a book, magazine and salad and settled in at the gate with Toby. We were just sitting there, minding our own business and Ms. Crazy McCrazy decided to make an appearance. This short little human spitfire comes up to the ticket counter and starts yelling craziness at the ticket agent. I thought the poor guy was gonna cry...I almost did!
I was in such shock when she was yelling at him that I couldn't even comprehend the situation. But afterward, I thought about what I would've liked to say to her. (Of course it came to me like 20 minutes later!) But this is what I would've said:
"Listen Crazy McCrazy (my nickname for her) it is NOT this agent's fault that a terroristic threat happened over the weekend. If you think about it, you should be grateful to have heightened security if it ensures our safety. I am SORRY they went through your very obviously fake Louis Vuitton but please put your obnoxious fur hat back on your head and sit down!! Lord knows you probably don't need another drink so please go pass out somewhere. I PROMISE that yelling dramatics is NOT gonna change or help anything."
There. I feel better.
Do ya'll have any good traveling stories? I'm happy to report that was the last I saw of Crazy McCrazy and she didn't sit next to me on the plane, thank GOODNESS! Wouldn't that just be my luck??

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  1. The agents were really good. I mean, they caught Katie who was trying to smuggle a pair of scissors on-board. So thank goodness they confiscated that dangerous set of cosmetic scissors. I definitely felt safer on my flight.

    And, the bonus is that they noted it on Katie's ticket that she was trying to bring scissors on the plane. What a delinquent.