Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I'm sorry for the blog neglect, loves. It wasn't intentional. To be perfectly honest, I just haven't really had much to say.
I was sick with bronchitis last week so I was really just as lazy as I could possibly be. No voice, no energy and no motive to do anything but sleep, lay on my couch and watch Sex and The City DVDs.
On another note, I do have a question for ya'll. Do you have any remedies for insomnia? Sleeping is definitely one thing I've never had trouble with before but for the past two weeks, I haven't been able to fall asleep before 4am. It's so frustrating and I'm absolutely exhausted but I'm at a loss for any solutions. Suggestions are welcome!
Check back later for post from last week. I'll post a few things I worked on but just didn't feel like finishing at the time.
Hope everyone is well!!

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